Risby 8.5m TT 5/5/16

Position Name Club Time
1 Lee Woodcock HCR XC Team 20.13
2 Matt Shingleton WSW 20.28
3 Paul Rooke WSW 20.36
4 Richard Farrow WSW 20.48
5 Darren Sharman WSW 21.14
6 Fabian Horrocks RP Vision Racing
7 Julian Long WSW 22.03
8 Pip Moore WSW 22.05
9 Peter Nichols WSW 22.36
10 Craig Stewart WSW 22.49
11 Robin White (U18) Velo Schills 23.02
12 Viv Smith WSW 23.15
13 P Lewis VeloVelocity 23.16
14 Gareth Doman WSW 23.23
15 David Young WSW 23.32
16 Lewis Elson WSW 23.48
17 Anita Buxton WSW 24.20
18 Jim Greenwood WSW 24.20
19 Steve Newman WSW 24.39
20 Steve Rue WSW 24.51
21 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez WSW 25.23
22 Martin Gale WSW 25.26
23 Harry Shingleton (U18) WSW 26.22
24 Neil Grimmer WSW 26.40
25 Robin Lines (U18) WSW 26.53
26 Paul Sawyer WSW 27.26
27 Rhys Holland-Jones (U18) WSW 27.40
28 Charlie Knowler (U18) WSW 28.25
29 Simon Kitching WSW 28.36
30 Jackie Smith WSW 30.25

Walden Tri 2016

Walden Triathlon Sunday 1st May 2016

Ray Reeves - Walden Tri 2016


Another trophy winner in consecutive weeks for the club, this time Ray Reeves raced at Walden Triathlon on Sunday. Over the sprint distance Sunday's event was race 1 in the eastern region league.

Ray delivered and age group win, with an overall position of 28th.


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Ixworth Cycle Races 2016 - Results

Ixworth Cycle Races 2016 Results

Since commencing the organisation of the Ixworth Cycle Races the West Suffolk Wheelers have tried hard to publish accurate results, but with a multi-race, multi-lap format on a short circuit, this has always been very difficult, particularly coping with wide ranges of abilities in some races leading to some riders being lapped several times, and mixed genders and age groups in the case of some of the kids races and an ever increasing demand for instant and complete results.

This year, at significant expense, we decided to try transponder timing, but backed this up with video and manual lap scoring. However, we have experienced various technical and logistical problems with this and have ended up with three sets of results that do not correspond ~ not to mention a great many complaints from riders and parents, some of which have been unacceptably vitriolic, bearing in mind that the whole team are VOLUNTEERS, organising this meeting for the good of the sport!

We have now arrived at the following results, which are not complete, but the best we feel we can be confident of. Polite comments are welcomed to: admin@westsuffolkwheelers.co.uk.

Video highlights of the day are available here: https://youtu.be/pfBSXaPUrCs


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Higham 10 TT 28/4/16

Position Name Club Time
1 Richard Farrow WSW 24.38
2 Paul Rooke WSW 25.00
3 Darren Sharman WSW 25.52
4 Pip Moore WSW 26.49
5 Stu Grand WSW 27.40
6 Scott Williams WSW 27.50
7 Andy Ward WSW 28.04
8 David Young WSW 28.13
9 Lewis Elson WSW 28.31
10 Gareth Doman WSW 28.38
11 Viv Smith WSW 29.32
12 Clement Wallace (U18) WSW 29.34
13 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez WSW 30.08
14 Henry Wood WSW 30.34
15 Jim Greenwood WSW 30.45
16 Steve Rue WSW 30.59
17 Darren Baker WSW 31.28
18 Martin Gale WSW 32.19
19 Gerry Barton WSW 33.01
20 Robin Lines (U18) WSW 33.12
21 Charlie Knowler (U18) WSW 34.08

Notley Duathlon 2016

Notley Duathlon 2016

Matt Shingleton Notley Duathlon 2016

Matt Shingleton competed in the Notley Duathlon run by Born 2 Tri at Great Notley Park in Braintree coming second in age group and 6th overall.


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Welnetham 8.9m TT 21/4/16

Reminder to all riders that front and rear working lights are compulsory, please see

Position Name Club Time
1 Richard Farrow WSW 21.41
2 Paul Vickers WSW 21.49
3 Paul Rooke WSW 22.26
4 Darren Davis WSW 22.31
5 Fabian Horrocks Velo Shils Interbike 23.40 Short course
6 Fraser Elsworth (U18) WSW 23.49
7 Pip Moore WSW 23.52
8 Peter Nichols WSW 23.54
9 Craig Stewart WSW 24.05
10 Peter Stephenson-Wall WSW 24.26
11 Clement Wallace (U18) WSW 24.28 Short course
12 Stu Grand WSW 24.28
13 Andy Ward WSW 24.39
14 Gareth Doman WSW 24.42
15 David Young WSW 24.43
16 Boyd Nicholas WSW 25.05
17 Lewis Elson WSW 25.19
18 Henry Wood WSW 25.40
19 Viv Smith WSW 25.46
20 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez WSW 26.24
21 Steve Rue WSW 26.36
22 Michael Lawson WSW 26.38
23 Darren Baker WSW 27.15
24 Robin Lines (U18) WSW 28.37
25 Neil Grimmer WSW 28.47
26 Gerry Barton WSW 29.05
27 Rhys Holland-Jones (U18) WSW 29.58
28 Charle Knowler (U18) WSW 30.09
29 Jackie Smith WSW 32.19

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