Welnetham 8.5m TT 26/5/16

Position Name Club Time
1 Dale Sturman WSW 20.05
2 Paul Vickers WSW 20.48
3 Ieuan Hodson WSW 21.24
4 Richard Farrow WSW 21.42
5 Julian Long WSW 21.47
6 Richard Sykes-popham WSW 22.01
7 Fabian Horrocks RP Vision Racing Team 22.54
8 Fraser Elsworth (U18) WSW 23.10
9 Sam Asker (U18) Welwyn Wheelers 23.18
10 Peter Nichols WSW 23.22
11 Clement Wallace (U18) WSW 23.58
12 David Young WSW 23.58
13 Andy Ward WSW 23.59
14 Lewis Elson WSW 24.25
15 Steve Newman WSW 25.26
16 Boyd Nicholas WSW 25.28
17 Martin Gale WSW 25.35
18 Mark Elson WSW 27.30
19 Neil Grimmer WSW 27.33
20 Paul Sawyer WSW 28.36
21 Charlie Knowler (U18) WSW 28.54
22 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez WSW DNF

West Stow 10m TT 19/5/16

Position Name Club Time
1 Dale Sturman WSW 22.11
2 Darren Sharman WSW 23.31
3 Richard Carrington WSW 23.42
4 Paul Rooke WSW 23.48
5 Lee Woodcock HCR XC Team 23.50
6 Ieuan Hudson WSW 24.18
7 Fabian Horrocks RP Vision Racing Team 25.07
8 Boyd Nicholas WSW 25.25
9 Robin White (U18) Velo Schills 25.35
10 Pip Moore WSW 25.40
11 Sam Asker (U18) Welwyn Wheelers 25.43
12 Matt Denny WSW 25.48
13 Matt Eaglen WSW 25.49
13 Peter Nichols WSW 25.49
15 Craig Stewart WSW 26.00
16 Viv Smith WSW 26.26
17 David Young WSW 26.36
18 Andy Ward WSW 26.39
19 Clement Wallace (U18) WSW 27.07
20 Lewis Elson WSW 27.19
21 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez WSW 27.35
22 Martin Gale WSW 27.40
22 Trevor Lloyd Mildenhall CC 27.40
24 Jim Greenwood WSW 27.44
25 Steve Newman WSW 27.56
26 Steve Rue WSW 27.58
27 Neil Grimmer WSW 29.37
28 Darren Baker WSW 30.05
29 Mark Elson WSW 30.09
30 Robin Lines (U18) WSW 31.46
31 Charlie Knowler (U18) WSW 33.02

New Hoodies

New Warm Up Kit Available

New hoodies are now available on the Touchline online store. Arrive at your next event or training session as part of the team.

Varsity Hoodie - Front

Varsity Hoodie - Back


Mallorca 70.3 Ironman 2016

Mallorca 70.3 Ironman. Saturday May 7th 2016

Laura Brown IronMan Mallorca 2016

Laura Brown flew out to Mallorca to take part in the Mallorca 70.3 ironman event. This is only Laura’s 2nd year in Triathlon and has given herself the challenge if competing in three half ironman events, this being the first of the three.

In poor weather conditions Laura finished the 1.9k swim, 56 mile bike & 13 mile run in a very respectable time of 6hrs 7 mins, with splits of 39:17 swim, 3:14:28 bike & 2:03:48 run. Overall position 1566, 151st lady and 36th in age group, not bad going considering Laura was stung by jelly fish in the swim and it was raining...

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Horringer 10m TT 12/5/16

Reminders to all riders that front and rear working lights are compulsory, also sign on closes 10 minutes before first man is off.  http://www.westsuffolkwheelers.co.uk/racing/time-trials/evening-time-trial-series-general-info


Position Name Club Time
1 Matt Shingleton WSW 24.01
2 Richard Farrow WSW 24.24
3 Fabian Horrocks RP Vision Racing Team 25.53
4 Boyd Nicholas WSW 26.08
5 Matt Denny WSW 26.58
6 Pip Moore WSW 27.06
7 Viv Smith WSW 27.27
8 Clement Wallace (U18) WSW 27.55
9 P Lewis VeloVelocity 28.22
10 Zoila Gilham-Fernandez WSW 28.57
11 Henry Wood WSW 28.59
12 Steve Newman WSW 29.23
13 Jim Greenwood WSW 29.29
14 Martin Gale WSW 29.46
15 Steve Rue WSW 29.57
16 Lewis Elson WSW 30.05
17 Paul Sawyer WSW 30.31
18 Mark Elson WSW 31.53
19 Neil Grimmer WSW 31.56
20 Robin Lines (U18) WSW 33.53
21 Simon Kitching WSW 34.57
22 Charlie Knowler (U18) WSW 35.13

Grass Track Meeting 2016

West Suffolk Wheelers and Triathlon Club Grass Track Meeting

Sunday 5th June 2016

Fornham All Saints Community Centre IP28 6JZ

First Race @ 13:00


* National Endurance League

* National Men's 800m Grass Championship

* Youth Omnium

* Freewheel Event

Entry and more info - click here



David Young davidk.young@sky.com

Tel. 07765 394 409




Revel Outdoors - Performance Cycle Shop

Maglia Rosso - Cycle Centre and Destination Cafe

All  you need to know about Grass Track Racing...

For those unfamiliar with Grass Track a brief summary ~ It is very similar to velodrome track racing, fixed wheel bikes, no brakes, oval circuit, in our case about 220 metres, set out on a flat grass field. Bikes are fitted with treaded tyres and low gears to cope with the terrain and the racing is fast and furious, generally over short distances. It is a branch of the sport that goes back generations and has a big history particularly ‘oop north’ and in Scotland where it still features in Highland Games events. It still has a hard core following nationally and is favoured by many clubs for the development of youth riders.

Typically meetings feature a mixture of sprint events over 400 and 800 metres, as well as ‘Devils’ (elimination races), points races and handicaps as well as a distance race, normally 8k. The youngsters compete in age groups and often there are ‘freewheel’ races for those young riders new to the sport. Our meeting this year will comprise a round of the National Distance League and will be the National 800 metre Championship event, thus ensuring entries from the best grass track riders in the country, as well as regional riders. In past years our entries have included Victoria Pendleton, Laura and Emma Trott, Russell and Dean Downing and many other well-known names, not to mention a handful of our own club riders.

It is a great spectator sport, easy to follow and with many races following each other through the afternoon.  It’s also great fun to compete in, although I wouldn’t recommend our event to anyone wanting to make their debut, other than youngsters in the freewheel section which is suitable for competitive youngsters from 8-16 years on suitable bikes. Please ask at Go Ride for advice on this if interested.

SO, COME AND SEE WHAT GRASS TRACK IS ALL ABOUT and bring the family for a great afternoon of sporting action.

Download this file (GrassTrackEntryForm2016.docx)Entry Form 2016 (docx)[ ]22 Kb
Download this file (GrassTrackPoster2016.pdf)Grass Track 2016 Poster[ ]259 Kb

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